RT: Firefly of My Life by Sweetnida

Getting Incomplete messages from many days, 
Points have been made by my soul' 
Now its my turn to Draw Lines 
According dots and so suddenly I found what it is
 'O my smile' you helped Me this time.
A bit of Lie sometimes makes Life Wonderful 
And what counts is Smiles of Others for us. 
As we should not disobey our Elders
 So make your Priorities as the want you to Set
 As its my habit I never had planned 
It as sometimes Assumptions went wrong and for me  
It's been best because my feels were wrong 
but I met Positivity.
Shredded my confidence into a lot tears with own Thoughts
But in real Life gave Me Smiles
I'm much thankful to my Lord for this
Lets rhyme words!!!
I firstly took Breathe, 
Then for the first I Saw' Heard and Talk. 
What was the first word I have no idea but I believe, 
It had been so gracious.
Walked, all for the first time
then became use to of it.
Met relations loved them' Met friends made them Family. Met strangers learned lessons 
Some Good more Bad ones. 
Made plans for life many of them vanished 
Couldn't believe how once they were a part of my Heart 
Which made me upset but what I always have been blessed by Life never stopped at any Point.
Through thick and thin it kept on moving,
Life never stops Teaching Lessons 
Some chapters I Read, few Learned and few I Tore Apart,
Then time came I fall in love with nature 
And there I found my soul 
From that day I fall in Love again with Myself
Thousands of days till today My Love is increasing 
And I don’t know how long it will go by flying up high 
Holding Hands of My Soul then A Point came 
Where we ended up been One and became "I"
Firefly of my life
By blinking I got to know to give Light 
You also need Power Savings 
And I got this Energy from the Darkness of my Life
Some phases which were too hard to pass on 
Today been my Backup Savage 
And I'm Lightening,Shimmering up in Sky of my Thoughts
Being Inspirational for own self is not a Crime
We get upset it's so normal but being Strong is Extravaganza
Fall in love with own self 
As we are Blessed Enough we have got All
Just like if I can wake up I can See, can Hear, can Talk,
 Can Walk, then I should not be Afraid of Falling

If I was never Failed I couldn't Accomplished Ever...

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~As I am finding Myself and writing in search of.... A year of freedom from a cage and now I m free for my whole life My name is Sweet Nida and I m writing My Experience, my Experiments, my Love, My Pain, my Sadness and I will write as my life is moving........!!!