RT: Let the Time Heal Wounds by Sweetnida

Tips I got ten which are Fighting with each other,
Sometimes A Moral Support also.
What I do not understand is when I took a long Breathe, how deep it goes.
What is the Point it decides to reach and then comes back
I have experienced the Suffocated breathing just because of Emotional Trauma.
I was never Reckless never Thought of being
but I met Tragedies which became worst to handle
And I decided I will not let this pain go waste I picked pearls out of it
And counted them on My Tips
Intuition said It's time to Engage with Me Physically
And yeah it's making Me Desperate
This time to know what Galaxies have for Me
Without caring the way I'm siting and strongly looking into
What all In front of Me it's like I wanna start a walk
Which has no ending where
I'm Grooming Empowering Myself
Being An Army for Myself
Defensive, Confident free from A Fear of Heartache
Where My moves are much Difficult and No one Understands
I don’t want world after Me I want me to be beyond Galaxies
Where there is no force of doing Right or Wrong
Where there I'm Uncontrollable
Where I'm never Ashamed of my Acts
Where I'm free for giving profs why I love to be there
I was much Surprised when I got to know
That Soul has no Death it's Created and will Live Forever
I wish at every place I’ll be a Writer' an Explorer because I do Fall in Love with words
They have A world in them Just needed a Sight
I'm blessed that I uncover the Mysteries
And tries My best and show it to the Alike Souls of Mine
I Family which I haven’t Seen yet
Being someone is Easy
But still Being and Loving Consistently is Difficult
Once in night I wasn't Feeling Sleepy
But it was Late So I Decided to go in Fantasy
I Closed My Eyes,
Jumped high and Reach onto Sky
I saw Curtains of Colors
It was Red, Orange, Indigo, Yellow, Green, Violet and Blue
But this time Colors were not Attracting Me
Then I saw A Mirror
It was A Waterfall kinda Mirror
But Instead of water' Diamonds were Falling
From Inside The Mirror
And It became A Lake of Diamonds
I wasn't feeling like Stealing of It
Because It all was Something
For A Answer of A Question
That My Real had
It may became A Name or Place or Dress
I don’t know yet and I'm not even Curious
This time I felt like it need time to come up
Because It's something really Special for Me
Believing in Good meant you’ll have Good
It's Assured thing I wanna change A fact
That hard work Pays off
This time I want Passion to to get Payed with Smiles
No Hurdles No Sacrifices
Only Joy It is also like Going with the Flow
And Sometimes we should go
Just with the Hope it will b the Best for Us
For Relationships or for Family
Just be there and let Time to clear
The Unwanted mess created by our very Own Self
Maybe because we Mistaken
But It's Ok Forgive Your Self
You are not born to Regret
You are born to Enjoy
Your Life with Passions And Beloveds
So SweetNida do as u Think for Others
Stay Positive and Thankful
And Everything will Fall Into Right Place on A Right Time   

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~As I am finding Myself and writing in search of.... A year of freedom from a cage and now I m free for my whole life My name is Sweet Nida and I m writing My Experience, my Experiments, my Love, My Pain, my Sadness and I will write as my life is moving........!!!