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Time' Effort, Magic by Sweetnida

Time' Effort , Magic
Sometimes I wanna make Effort on Right
 Time to create Magic'
But what If I Fail at and Face Tragic Consequences' 
Might Made Me more Reckless.' 
Should I still hope for Unseen.
Is It A Belief or just A False Hope so 
I won't feel Low for Time being.
Being Perfect would Assure that I'll get what I want or what others think that I should want.
I want to see what is in the Galaxies.
what does It has for Me'
How the Glance would receive the Answers..
Glorify or Horrify! 
I'll Put back or Carry with Me
 And make My own way to Put Together. 
Superstitions would Drag Me but'
I won't Over Think this Time,
Following by My Gut Feelings I'll change the Outcomes
Arcane Magic will Stun
 And I won't Anathematise My Intimation.

Say No to Torture by Sweetnida

Stop Tormenting yourself for the Sake of Love 
Your soul has more Worth' get to know your Value. 
You are not An Ordinary Person' 
Your Peaks of Pain Conquer the Universe within You.
Before getting Weak just give It A Shake to your Head 
And Live with the High Speed of Your Heart and"
 Beat Your Enemies...

My Dragon of Hope by Sweetnida

Phenomena of Miseries is too Complicated!
Good thought turned out Bad'
The Bad one Confronted Me Being Worse.
All Desires Dragged Me Down
where is My Dragon of Hope'
with Courage in wings'
Bravery to Fight Against the Odds.
Spirituality to Break the Cage'
and Take Me to The Highest of the Skies.
Where I Feel nothing but Peace...

Blamed Irresponsible by Sweetnida

Priorities, setting them Accordingly'
You Make Yourself Responsible and then'
You have to be Alert.
All the Time to Meet Arguments.
Then to be Answerable You should have Valid Points
Or there is no such distance for to be Blamed Irresponsible
And than You could lose all the Respect Once You Gained.

Sword of Credibility by Sweetnida

Intertie Creating A Mess' 
Sometimes when I got Hit by' 
Smilingly I Start feeling Sad. 
I'm still Depending on answer-less Conjunction of Nature, 
I'm A soul who easily get Distracted. 
Amplitude is being Useless' 
That's Why I'm Teaching My Mind To Tackle 
with Confederacies of My Life.
Your Enemy can be in Any Shape' 
Lack of Courage is A Major Obstacle in Opposing.
Scrummed By Universe' I'm Alone. 
Our Play Started in My Mind''
I will Win' Holding The Sword of My Credibility.
Because Only A "Trust" can Make Your Worth..

RT: I'm My Partner In Crime' by Sweetnida

Out of Sight, Out of Mind not Feeling Exactly about it.
What is Promising is Intuition how it decides to enter in My Moments
While being so away of such Heights
I feel like owning them.
Some where I'm outrageous but alone
No one is My Partner in Crime
Where I wanna roll madly and Spreading Pearls of Happiness
And reducing the weight of Pain been Inside Me
From years which actually feels like Decades
Lets lift up with long Hairs where I'm being a sign of Fear
Because I wanna be UN affordable
Mo money' No luxury can buy Me
And in return A Promise will not be giving Tears in Eyes
Life is more likely Indescribable
I've been thankful BUT
I'm feeling like I'm gonna lost'
Will lost In My Own Thoughts all black In front of Me
Words are Landing on My Lashes
They want them to be A Part of the World of My Words
Where My written each single Word is Alive
And standing in A Row to pick it up and give it A Life
I know the fear of own self where I laughingly cry' flying high
I met this condition of mine often
I know why I feel so because I'm created by ONE
And this fact I can never deny because
Denying this will burst Me and It's not by getting Scared
I'm bowing in Respcect no matter how wishful
I have to make such Compromises and Sacrifices
Because A thin crust Leaf and I has the same value
I can end it by my hands and So do My Creator can do with Me
So here I have to decide how I want my Karma to Go
Being A Warrior I'm making Rules and Laws
Implementing only on Myself then being Brutal and Ending them
Because I wanna deny Me' I'm Deny able.
My words can never be last they can get Murdered easily
And I will not Cry at their Funeral.
I'm standing on A peak where I have to be strong and powerful
Because one day I have to see my Transformation into the other World
The Conspiracy of my do's and don't's is making Me Wild
And Broughting up so many expectations
Where I have to Figure out how to End them
To stay calm I have to stay away from such Souls
Who believes in Give and Take because
My Priority is to feel the Blankness
And that is so Interesting and Rude
But It's the Mood and Accepting the Conditions is My new Tide
Away from the Concepts of getting Ruined
I will stay strong on My own Wings of Hope and Peace
Hope of no being used and peace is that I'm not Pretending
It's dark but It's not desire less
Its' gonna be last but not the least
The wait I gonna get is Equal to Infinity
Promises I make but making them Real is not My Act
It Happens because it is Written So
I never have been A Proud Person
Because I wanna Smile and having it Constantly is Prestigious
And so Amazing Gesture to have along in Lonesome Nights
It's Dark I still can't see but with Imaginary Eyes
I can see and tell the Sun
Life gets A little hard when you are Strict
But we only get to Live the Light
Because You are Created o Brighten up the Darkest phases of our Lives
I don’t know how to say the dark Goodbye
But that's what life is all about doing all that we don't wanna do
There was A time I was A Paramour
Expressively I have been in hills and madly waited to go over there
What I loved there is I witnessed the Life and Death by Light and Dark
And I always thought of I can't Imagine this in any other Place
But when it came to not going there for such period I just got stuck
The light turned off and the only condition was to turn it On
That to let go the wish of going there' Heartily
We can distract our Mind with Logic but Dealing with Heart is A Tough Task
When in sadness the idea of going there always brought Me back My Smile
But now not going there is been the Same
I'm smiling which I never have thought of'
That's how we Compromise with Terms Presented to Us
We somehow choose our Smile to Maintain
In this world full of Negativity and Criticism
I guess everyone is putting You down
Try' Try and Try over again Forever,
Respect Yourself so does others will Respect your Existence
In Mountains I witnessed the Nature Rolling Extravagantly'
The Acceptance of Going and Coming Back
Gave Me Hope of Ending Bad Chapters and to Start New Glorious Ones
by not Falling IN LOVE but with INTEGRITY live in the world
You are BLESSED with....

Do's and Don't's by Sweetnida

Insanely Effort Gully without Selecting My way' 
Believing in None. 
Retailing in Negativeness' 
Holding On smile' without Seeing any Positive Aspect.
Why it has to be Inspirational'
Why It has to be Love Reason behind 
Why I can't get to Fulfil My Desires via Hatred 
The More you want that much you Loose 
Choose your way of Doing because
It doesn't matters... 
You gonna do your Don't's 

The Evil Inside' by Sweetnida

Your Powers are Within YOU 
You are A Body in Here 
But A Soul Up in There 
Just be what You Wanna Be
Devils are more Respected the Era You In
Just Don't Hate Me 
But that Doesn't Mean You are Allowed to Love Me 
I'm The evil Inside
I Don't Permit Bad Eye to Lay On Me

Summitry of My Life' by Sweetnida

~Summitry of My Life~
!Pure and Compoundable!
~Me and You who are WE~
!!Giggling Gracefully!
~Just like a Flower Blooms~
!I wanna be As Collared Dove.!
~And from You All I want is Surmising Life~

RT: Be A Happiness to Be Happy

Heights of Hopes' Roads to Happiness
No House for Stay being A Tourist
Fonder of Cold, No Fears to get Cold
Insanely getting into make The Moments Millenniums
To recall the same is Addiction 
Which sometimes is a Gesture and Meantime’s Punishment
To break the Sleep' woke up Turned Music On 
Speedily Grabbing the Pen and in Search to find A Neat Paper To make It Worth Getting Penned 
Then waiting for Intuition to get Connected
Finally Pen is Smooth' Breathing getting Relax 
And Smilingly Discovering The Fantasy 
Where now it's Time to make A new World 
Where One Happy Moment will be Repeating
No shuffle the One Pure Moment 
To find and Paste in that World
Enjoying on My Rope Swing Chair
 Tearing Breeze Apart' Hugging the Snowflakes
Seeing into there Corners talking to Me'
 They wanna tell how they Got so much Love from the World
They wanna share but for the Assurance 
They wanted to know if I have any Crystal Inside
 So Their Secret won't Leak.
 I Allowed them to Enter in My Heart
Where one Core was Deeply in Love with Cold and Froze'
Which start Melting if I don't get the Cold for over Months.
They trusted Me
We Sat on Clouds
Snowflakes & Sweetnida
Snowflakes: White is A color of Purity.
Sweetnida: It's A Color Of Fear too'
When all Other Colors left Us we get Stuck to White.
Snowflakes:But The Grace you get in White 
No other color can give You
I said You Got the Point
Snowflakes: Now talk about the other thing “Softness”
when the Human catches Us'
 They found Us Soft and Enjoy to Play with Us.
Sweetnida: So does happens with Me!
Snowflakes: But You know Nida
 Their Playing actions needs Us to be Fresh all the Time' 
If we get Untidy they throw Us away 
And wait for new Ones to Come.
I said you must have felt so Bad
Snowflakes: Said yes we do'
That Situation made Us Cry and We start getting Melt 
And reach our Final Destination' Right into the Ocean 
But what we still Care is to get Used for Humanly Purposes
I felt so bad for Snowflakes 
Meanwhile I took A Note on Myself and Realised 
 That it is The Mistake I do' I allowed others to took control Over My Heart and Play with My Feelings 
And when they get Bore' They went away to find New Ones  And I left behind Sad and Broken 
Our chat Ended.
Snowflakes and I'
 We were Sitting Silently in that Passage of Time
Sun came to visit Us
He saw Us being Sad then He said you are getting worried While You both know One day You will Sort out
 Your hurdles but think for Me
Everyone enjoyed Me then get Tired of My Hourly Duration
 I Die everyday to let them have Rest' 
And get Birth again to give them Light' 
That's all my Life is about.
Snowflakes and I saw each other and realised 
Even we need the Rays but with some Counted Amount 
Or else we will Melt down So We have to Decide'
Be As Pure As You get Loved by 
And be As Soft As Least
No one can bend You for their Filthy Desires
Give Yourself to those who are Ready to Merge with You
 In the Uncertainties of Life 
So then Your Final Moments won't be Complaining
For Your Oneself
Just be A Happiness to be Happy  

About Me (Nida)

~As I am finding Myself and writing in search of.... A year of freedom from a cage and now I m free for my whole life My name is Sweet Nida and I m writing My Experience, my Experiments, my Love, My Pain, my Sadness and I will write as my life is moving........!!!