RT: Beloveds needs U to Change U by Sweetnida

Life is Creamy, I'm not being moody actions are so smooth.
Lets discuss some Past,
The one I have gone through the moments
Sometimes were happy and mean time
I've lived them as a Pedestrian walking on a track of Needles
Where I had no other option but 
A hope of everything will be fine soon
It helped a bit but what made me can't undo it 
was a big Lose of a beloved One.
Last day I walked into a heart breaking chapter of my Life
I completely changed my out look
My hair, My make-up, My Dress, My shoes, My Mobile.
My Attitude towards Life
I Carried My Strength “ My Smile”
But insiderly I was praying 
“may I not see the ones I have seen in past,
Some where in my heart I was afraid of seeing those who have always been helpful, caring but the frightfulness I had from them made me hate them
It's difficult to explain some times
 who cares a lot make you hate them
“like a patient ended up on Nothing then
 It's not possible for the visitors to not hate the consultant"
But my Logic of changing my out look yesterday and today the Balladry helped me
And I came out from that Tragic Chapter,
Being smiley I didn't shed even a drop of Tear
I learned a lesson from it
We sometimes get to live some phases
We hate the most and we get to live all over again
Choose your Brain this time instead of Heart
It's always the Heart kept on pushing the Brain to Memorize
Heart believes in Reincarnation and it's unconditional
But do not allow your Brain when such situations came
when your beloveds wants your moral support
Don’t let your weakness ruins 
Your only blood relations you have got
Some souls are completely out of this burden 
But those who are like Me
If we want Peace we should stop hating such consultants
And try to put our focus on Us,
Or on our beloved One's.
 Beloveds need you to change you for the Good
 Life is to short to hate others
Make it valuable by loving our Beloveds and Ourselves the most

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