RT: Be A Happiness to Be Happy

Heights of Hopes' Roads to Happiness
No House for Stay being A Tourist
Fonder of Cold, No Fears to get Cold
Insanely getting into make The Moments Millenniums
To recall the same is Addiction 
Which sometimes is a Gesture and Meantime’s Punishment
To break the Sleep' woke up Turned Music On 
Speedily Grabbing the Pen and in Search to find A Neat Paper To make It Worth Getting Penned 
Then waiting for Intuition to get Connected
Finally Pen is Smooth' Breathing getting Relax 
And Smilingly Discovering The Fantasy 
Where now it's Time to make A new World 
Where One Happy Moment will be Repeating
No shuffle the One Pure Moment 
To find and Paste in that World
Enjoying on My Rope Swing Chair
 Tearing Breeze Apart' Hugging the Snowflakes
Seeing into there Corners talking to Me'
 They wanna tell how they Got so much Love from the World
They wanna share but for the Assurance 
They wanted to know if I have any Crystal Inside
 So Their Secret won't Leak.
 I Allowed them to Enter in My Heart
Where one Core was Deeply in Love with Cold and Froze'
Which start Melting if I don't get the Cold for over Months.
They trusted Me
We Sat on Clouds
Snowflakes & Sweetnida
Snowflakes: White is A color of Purity.
Sweetnida: It's A Color Of Fear too'
When all Other Colors left Us we get Stuck to White.
Snowflakes:But The Grace you get in White 
No other color can give You
I said You Got the Point
Snowflakes: Now talk about the other thing “Softness”
when the Human catches Us'
 They found Us Soft and Enjoy to Play with Us.
Sweetnida: So does happens with Me!
Snowflakes: But You know Nida
 Their Playing actions needs Us to be Fresh all the Time' 
If we get Untidy they throw Us away 
And wait for new Ones to Come.
I said you must have felt so Bad
Snowflakes: Said yes we do'
That Situation made Us Cry and We start getting Melt 
And reach our Final Destination' Right into the Ocean 
But what we still Care is to get Used for Humanly Purposes
I felt so bad for Snowflakes 
Meanwhile I took A Note on Myself and Realised 
 That it is The Mistake I do' I allowed others to took control Over My Heart and Play with My Feelings 
And when they get Bore' They went away to find New Ones  And I left behind Sad and Broken 
Our chat Ended.
Snowflakes and I'
 We were Sitting Silently in that Passage of Time
Sun came to visit Us
He saw Us being Sad then He said you are getting worried While You both know One day You will Sort out
 Your hurdles but think for Me
Everyone enjoyed Me then get Tired of My Hourly Duration
 I Die everyday to let them have Rest' 
And get Birth again to give them Light' 
That's all my Life is about.
Snowflakes and I saw each other and realised 
Even we need the Rays but with some Counted Amount 
Or else we will Melt down So We have to Decide'
Be As Pure As You get Loved by 
And be As Soft As Least
No one can bend You for their Filthy Desires
Give Yourself to those who are Ready to Merge with You
 In the Uncertainties of Life 
So then Your Final Moments won't be Complaining
For Your Oneself
Just be A Happiness to be Happy  

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About Me (Nida)

~As I am finding Myself and writing in search of.... A year of freedom from a cage and now I m free for my whole life My name is Sweet Nida and I m writing My Experience, my Experiments, my Love, My Pain, my Sadness and I will write as my life is moving........!!!