RT: A New You

The life I'm living is Secondary
The desires I'm having are Secondary
My Wishes' My Demands' My Expectations are so Secondary
The world is Secondary Sometimes
 I feel I will make one day that day
Which will be satisfied but My that Feel is Secondary
Because firstly I'm a Soul who never faces Death
It's a body who dies because it is Secondary.Lives and deaths are planned but what is our Plan that is Thinkable
Because suffering through Pain is our Choice
 we can make it Anger
We can let it make us Weaker or We can move on while Believing of dying one Day
And start living Normally 
Dying for own self is never been A Fear
But when it comes to nearby it Scares the hell out of Us
This is how we go we take our self Firstly As Spiritually
And when it comes to others
 we choose second thing as the Body
Pain gives the Power to An Artist
 to show off his best at his Skills
Pain is a Necessity to convert A Stone into Diamond
From times I wanted to start an Endless walk where no one comes in my way,Sometimes it's terrific to be Alone but When You met Reality It's better to get use to of It
I wanna make My own Paths, Some Cheerful, Some Silent Ones, And Some Saddened
Because the Price I Paid to Reach on my Destiny
Is so much a lot then Suffering the Pain of Separation
Likely I'm not searching for Peace or Smile
I just wanna Go' and let go through Procedure
The world might never know who I'm
But I know what the world Is
It's a community where you Entered and Gathered
Then no matter how much Loyal, Honest, You have to End Up
They never said to give up, 
Rather they know the fact of Ending up
Every writer Smiles,
 Cries, Laughs No one will ever say End Up
But I wanna say End up on Fears of Losing
Because we never get Everything
No matter how hard you going through' the end is STOP

I don't know who will Criticize me on this But what I'm afraid of the Inner world of MineI skipped some words I Penned before because that's the Curiosity I wanna Create
By telling The Complete Story 
You might end Up the Charm for the Rest
So be A Liar and the One with Mysteries
You might not have someone, Your walk might go silent but kept on Walking
A Glorious chapter of my Life Ended
But its like Upgraded
Now it's like Meet, Greet, and let Go
No one is Responsible for the Sacrifices 
I made for My Desires
Walking through strange Paths taking along My Positivity
 I have been Attacked by Negativity
But taking this Trauma Along I Prolonged It
Maybe it's time to End up on some wishes
Empowering own self where 
Everyone is Standing Against You
While Holding Swords of their Words
Be your own Army and Fight till
You made them Realize that
Every Creature has the Rights
 to walk by Their Time and Tide
Guard Yourself and Stay Strong
End up which Needed to' And Made up “A New You”

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About Me (Nida)

~As I am finding Myself and writing in search of.... A year of freedom from a cage and now I m free for my whole life My name is Sweet Nida and I m writing My Experience, my Experiments, my Love, My Pain, my Sadness and I will write as my life is moving........!!!