RT: Sound of Evil, by Sweetnida

Was sitting Quietly I heard the Sound of Fear.
Opened up My Hands' 
Asked out loud and the Air Answered.
I' was never Aware of such Circumstances 
will grab you and will make you Afraid
I asked if you can help me'
The Air said NO.
I Stood up and walked,
Again I heard the same Sound 
I got Scared' water came by I dove In 
Deeply was rolling inside the Sound was still On
I asked water if you can help me out water said I'm not allowed
I uplift myself came out of the ocean tired and hurt
but the Sound was still on tears filled in eyes
Heartache' Scrambling and fighting
Urge to stop the sound but nothing and No One was being Helpful
And in that matter of Time I Realised
I've never been A Priority for Others to be Council
Because I never allowed Anyone to Enter in my Fantasy World
because once My Fantasy world been Burned to End 
When I just thought to let others enter.
Even I got scared by that Idea of any other Soul would come and make changes in my world.
Because been Alone there has never been My Fear
But this sound is Scaring Me this Time.
Scratching My Heart like the Hands of Evil
Something is been around I need to figure out
won't let It Ruin Me and I will Fight back.
I cannot let anyone or anything End Me until 
It's My Lord's will..
I Stopped Loving, I Stopped Penning, I Stopped Imagining
Intuition Trapped my Soul' I Stopped Travelling
Heart stopped flying words got Hanged
I became un able to Arrange.
Dear Life in somewhere I had always Found me Smiling
But I lost my love for it... 
My heart don't wanna Go there and else I don't know where to Go
I won't say help me out because I got stuck in with My Choices.
I couldn't bear the Pain of Separation
 In anger I had cut off My Wings with My Own Hands.
I have No complains but the Inside is Crashing
And when I'm disturbed even in my real
My Electrical Appliances started to trouble me 
Which brought Out the Evil in Me 
And make me more Stubborn and thankless.
I stopped smiling and this putted Me 
In condition to get Disappear and End up all my Desires
The sound is Horrifying and I don't from where it's coming.
I will find out because I have too
And I will remember this Selfishness for the rest of My Life
I stopped loving only one thing from this world 
And whole Universe stood-up against Me
But As you all Ganged up and Playing with 
My Intuition I won't scream.
I will make Myself Stronger on My Own.
I will get Myself and find out the sound 
Where it's Coming from and Harassing me.
It's time to wait and observe 
I will hold on until the Time Comes to Unleash
till then take care Sweetnida.

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About Me (Nida)

~As I am finding Myself and writing in search of.... A year of freedom from a cage and now I m free for my whole life My name is Sweet Nida and I m writing My Experience, my Experiments, my Love, My Pain, my Sadness and I will write as my life is moving........!!!