RT: Sparrow was Never Alone by Sweetnida


I was Quiet but Stubborn Inside'
Many days passed
My Condition was Same
I was Living on the Edge
Which was Unseen for others.
While being mature enough to face the realities of Life'
I felt like A Toddler
Who just learned to walk and not stopping.
Standing up' falling down just to reach to same the Desire of Heart
One day I was tired that I sat on the chair and looked up to the sky
It was clear likewise I wanted My Mind to be
Then I saw A tree in front of Me
There was A Sparrow
I guessed it was a female I guessed through it's stubbornness
It was very restless I kept on seeing it.
Made my mind clear from passing thoughts
And gave My self A challenge to count about One to Hundred
If it stay still' that would be My Life
If it flew away that would be my Life' 
 I might not stay still any longer
The sparrow on the same branch of tree was Irritated
It was showing the aggression while kept on opening it's wings
but it was not moving any where forward like Me
It was summer and still but then suddenly it changed
From sunny to windy
My flick flew with the wind and 
the Sparrow Jumped to another Branch
My counting was on fifty it gave me a little hope and I smiled.
Kept on counting' winds became the rhythm
The sparrow grabbed all my Focus
No one came when I was challenging myself '
Good timing I must say/
Then while counting it was eighty number
 My hope started to fade away
My smile ended my eyes Teared up,
But I kept on counting because it has to reach an End
No matter what would be the challenge results 'up to my expectations or the opposite.
Finally ninety the sparrow opened it's wings took  deep breath 
and flew' and at once
Another sparrow flew with it which I did not see from the start
They both flew into the wind at once and left me speechless .
The results of the challenge were extremely
 different from my perception.
The sparrow showed me that it was never Alone!
The whole time it was having it's soul-mate alongside
It was getting upset because I couldn't see them together 
I only saw it alone just like I have been seeing myself all alone 
And being extremely Sad about it.
Like them He was always with Me He had not left yet!
He was only disappeared because it has to be that way'
I had to go through such uncomfortable phase of Life
where I'm seeking for Him and the thought of not having him' 
Along Me" killing Me all the Time.
I wish He never Leave Me,
I still completed My counting to Hundred with A Believe that'
One Day I will see Him next to Me
Just Like The Two Love Birds...

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~As I am finding Myself and writing in search of.... A year of freedom from a cage and now I m free for my whole life My name is Sweet Nida and I m writing My Experience, my Experiments, my Love, My Pain, my Sadness and I will write as my life is moving........!!!