RT: The Voice Inside-Out by Sweetnida

I putted on my Heels, Dressed like A Diva.
All new Desiring steps towards Life
Confidently Smiling into Realities
Instead of walking I choose to Fly 
Instead of falling I choose to Rise
When something is on our mind no one can stop Us.
What was on my mind I'm still having it, but the Hand along I had' I had to loose It.
I had no pain leaving it because
 I didn't Expected much from that Hand.
I know my companion is something Else
 which is more then Billions of Hands
But how much strong you have become' 
You must Feel for the Once
And that Once can be A Millennium of Insanity.
I planned to fade the old Me and I Quiet did that while being A happy Inside Out
I reached in a Garden where I was expected to be,
Commitment ended because A single hand can't Clap
All of a sudden I Overcome on all My Fears turned
And saw A Thunderstorm Ahead of Me
I started walking close to it, it was Lightning, 
black bank of clouds'
Suddenly the clouds turned into Tornado
I was watching right into the Giant and 
stepped into it's first wave
I learned the start, it was easy and then' 
I took step to the second wave.
It was not that hard at start
The Monster were Sounding from the Highest Waves
I urged to listen it to the closets I didn't stepped this time
I putted my fears aside and jumped straight away in those life killing waves of Tornado
On lifting up myself lightning came in my way 
It was about to hit Me
Then I made an eye contact and so
 It rather killing me decided to help Me
Through lightening the way up to that Monster up in there
who was Shouting which was making me Angry
So by the help of light I was getting onto those highest waves
The pressure was Increasing and 
My Aggression was making me Strong and Fearless
Then a point came I reached onto the highest wave
I looked around nothing and no one was there
And no one was there to answer my questions
My steps my moves went waste 
My aggression ended because I lost .
I had no one to put all my anger on then A voice from deep down the earth fall on my hearing
I slowly landed on land because along my Aggression the Tornado was calming down
Standing on that Grass of that same Garden where I supposed to start something big
which I could not because of lack of loyalty
I putted off those heels and threw them away 
Started walking on Grass
I asked out loud who are you voice 
why you are making me mad,
Sometimes you shout from the Heights and then all my hurdles I faced to confront you went waste
And then after you are whispering from down here and still I'm unable to see You
I'm done with you I'm going
where are you going? The voice said'
I said: Far from you. The voice again happened
 “You can never get Rid of me”
Why I said. The Voice said'
I know you took risk you went high to confront
 That monster high in there
What if I say the monster is you "Nida"
I gave a weird look to nobody but 
That voice and said you are Stupid
You think whatever you saying in low voice is Acceptable
The voice said yeah when something is soft 
It's easy to accept just like Love
I said you know nothing about it just go away and Die,
The voice said now that's really rude of you
Are you hurt? the voice asked. 
I said 'yeah like you care! huh
The voice said of course I do you made me 
Wild and Calm on the other second
I do have right to ask you I said why are you playing with me just come In-front of me
And show me yourself or if I found you on my own I will be damn bad with you
It stopped no answer I got' which made me upset I saw ahead' turned' ran' to the close but could not found anyone I didn't wanted but unconsciously Instead of Shouting
Shed A tear which fall on my heart and something whispered
I'm afraid I looked down on my heart took A deep breath and said OK come out I will not hurt you The voice said 
I'm not afraid from you of hurting me
I just I'm not able to accept your flows
 I closed my eyes and said OK talk to Me
I sat on Grass the voice said I live in you I got sacred when I found your Inner started burning
And you became so much Aggressive 
so I decided to go far away from you
I thought you might not found me
 You might end in that Tornado
but you some how managed to be safe in there
But how did you managed that Light when it came to kill you
I said yeah it came but as you know I made an eye contact
The voice asked what was in that eye contact the voice asked
I said “to cross that killer light one thing was Important'
 If had then Light can't kill
Voice asked what you had? I said pure heart without Ego
The voice asked did light said you that?
 I said no when I made an eye contact
I saw the light was coming from a burning Soul so I from my sight allowed the light to go into my Heart and when it entered it started beating with my beat and felt Relax 
We shake our hands and became friends so the light helped me to go up to the highest wave and see that Monster
 The voice said yeah maybe that's why I came down and Calmed and you found no one in there
I opened my eyes and saw white butterflies In front of me
They were a sign of Peace I took a deep breath stood up and Said to the voice you won the Game
Monster are the best teacher's you have got
 When you are Learning
I can always made my life heaven or hell
 There is a tiny difference
We met hurdles but ending up on learning from them can only make us better Person
And make our selves Strong enough
 To compete with them in Future
And the only Great Weapon we have got is our Smile
It makes You love able It brings you close to your beloveds And It ENDS your Enemies
So take it always with you like Sweetnida 
And enjoy the only Life we all have Got 
Stay Blessed All

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About Me (Nida)

~As I am finding Myself and writing in search of.... A year of freedom from a cage and now I m free for my whole life My name is Sweet Nida and I m writing My Experience, my Experiments, my Love, My Pain, my Sadness and I will write as my life is moving........!!!