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Sky is my Beginning by Sweetnida... by sweetnida

Step One I took year's Ago
10 steps it took,
The Feel of Love only you can have when in actual you're been Loved by,
Same thing happened with me,
I was Stepping on the highest Mountains,
On each peak of my jump I loved to Kiss the Sky ,
And by coming back I always feel like It's not Complete yet,
It's a phrase that “Sky is the Limit”
I was stuck with it but was never Complete.
And when an author feels Incomplete
There is definitely something to uncover with the help of Words
I lived those moments as , A lot
One day I planned to Jump Big
I took a step which was never taken by Me ever before
Because It was a time I actually left Rules behind
I then took Step , Jumped
by Tearing Breeze Apart
I reached onto the Sky
The Sky was so Beautiful
It was just a Sky wide, no walls, no Boundaries
Then just by seeing I saw an Staircase
It was made of Diamond
A diamond I've never seen before the Shinning was like a Prism
The colors in that invited me to step up
I then took step one, step up, step so how, That was the way I can make it high
The vision I was getting was going simply Wow
Then I took 3,4 up to 10
I was doing as they were saying
Then suddenly my heart beat started Raising
And there were 100s of steps Ahead
I thought to take some rest but
'Blue' said dear Nida be Calm
Then 'Orange' said stop thinking your heart beat won't raise that much'
Then at once 'Red' and 'Violet' said Associate your self with Determination
As per saying 'Indigo' got hyper and said stop talking now.
Let her chose what She is willing too,
Its her choice to go back or step forward
Then 'Yellow' whispered , Sweetnida Purity of Nature is right above in here'
Come with your Believe
I then took step I felt no high Beat no Breathe Bursting
I reached up there
It what I saw Glorious' It was Tremendous ,
Spontaneously I saw a world above Skies
On straight ahead there was a Mirror hanging over'
I went close to it I saw Me' but felt like someone else'
I asked who are you Alike Me?
She said let's not talk about me first How do u reached up in here?
I said I used to jump on the Mountains and touching the Skies
But today I crossed few limits because I never felt Complete
She said how's you feeling now?
I said I've came through a lot can say 90% Complete
But few Questions then I'll be Complete
She said go ahead may be I can help you with the Answers
I then fluently asked look I know Prism has no colors how it got?
How then they spoke to me gave me Advises showed me A way up in here
And who are You?
She said all your Questions can be solved with a single word
I asked how is it?
She said the Answer Is a “Light” in You
Which refracted through the Prism you had been Advising your Own Self
You are the reason I'm in here in front of You
I then stay stunned for couple of minutes to understand what it all actually Is'
I asked If I'm the reason of Prism was reflecting colors and you in here
Then why it didn’t happen before I had made jumps from years!
She said you always jumped by sticking to a phrase “Sky is the Limit”
But today you made a Freeway
And you yourself got to know that “Sky Is Your Beginning”
I then closed my Eyes and understood everything
That without a fight sometimes you can win a war
And it is only possible by Love yeah Rare times.
I asked her about staying there
She said there is a bed hanging over
You can go into and stay here as long as you want to'
I went over and by Lying into I got to know
That I just got 5th gift from my Almighty
And this time It was not on Earth' not in Ocean' nor even was at Sky
It is in me A 'Light'
A Light of Love which will Vanish out all the Darkness from My Life
If I Believe As Per Saying by My Lord that
“And indeed We have created man,
and We know whatever thoughts his inner self develops,
and We are closer to him than (his) jugular vein”
O Life you are a Blessing
And I'm Grateful to have you Mine  

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~As I am finding Myself and writing in search of.... A year of freedom from a cage and now I m free for my whole life My name is Sweet Nida and I m writing My Experience, my Experiments, my Love, My Pain, my Sadness and I will write as my life is moving........!!!