RT: "A Question Unanswered"

“A Question Unanswered”

Lets write Something,
Totally some other what I have never written Before
Sometimes Its Love Mistaking again and again when we write,
Normally we Stick to Grammar, Vocabulary and Dictionary,
But when Our Soul writes there is Nothing but Her Experiences,
Her Fantasized World where there No is Nothing,
Yes is Everything.

As from Now on,
I will Do all what is Yes in Her World,
In actual here is all No in my world.

Facing a No is very Painful,
No one understands how this “No” Spoils us.
We needed Yes but we Got No with extra addition of Aggression.

The Question is why we started wanting Yes and From whom
Our Parents or Our Lord ?

Let me Conclude how we Started wanting Yes,
Who planted those Seeds in Our Hearts,
Our Inner Self or Our Lord,
I guess If our Wish is not a Sin then It's up to Our Lord.

Being A Tiger I have to feed on Deer,
It's not Possible to be a Friend with and taking a Promise to not to Feed on Ever,
If I do So that would be against the Nature,
So may be My Yes is against the Nature, Whether I have Seen people having that Yes,
Living with Heart Throb.
May Be it was not Against the nature it was against Me

As a Tear can always stop the Smiles
For stopping the Tear so many Smiles are required .

People use to say,
“There is always a Silence before the Storm”
I guess my Storm is Died in Silence As I took it for Long

My Yes what was it?
After all that No's I'm Still living with the Hope of Yes,
A hope is always a Chance,
but for me It became
A Question
Which is Now

“A Question Unanswered” 

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