SS: The Last Pair of Your Shoes,

.. The Last Pair of Your Shoes …

It was Summer and all I remember it was

Tough, Tragic and Painful, But After Seeing her Smile,

My all Tears went Away Day by Day everything was getting worse,

Her Smile was still the most Beautiful thing in the Universe

She was sick and Was not able to walk properly ,

I tried to help her, By Holding her soft hands , took her to terrace,

There were 2 chairs we seated on them, then I pulled her legs and put them on my 

Lap I was about to kiss her feet suddenly She took off her feet from my lap and

 said don’t do this my daughter,

I said mom when I was newly born I never refused you to kiss my feet and for that you owe me,

She in that hugged me and said can you hold my hand again,

I want to take rest, after we entered in room she said, I m feeling A bit better why

 don’t you go and buy a new pair of shoes for me, I said I'll only go if you promise 

you will have a good sleep without thinking about anything

she said OK my dear,

I helped her laying on bed, she as promised Slept I took my bag and went for 

buying a new pair of shoes,

In a shop, I saw a pair, it was mom's favourite colour I got the size and it was soft as

 my mom needed.

After buying them I came back home, mom was having dinner, she was fine after

 years I showed her the pair of shoes She wore them but wasn't able to walk in

 them, So we decided that she will wear on Eid day,

I prayed to Allah Almighty, to Grant Health to my beloved mother

So she can be able to stand and walk wearing those pair of shoes.

Eid day came, She was not well more then few days before,

I helped her taking shower and dressed her up

When I opened the cupboard, shoes was in there, My mom started crying and 

said Nida I still can't wear them and walk on,

This time I hugged her, kissed her forehead and said

Everything gonna be fine Soon.

More days passed it was October 2011,

She left home on stretcher, then she never came back

Today I m still having that Last pair of shoes,

which she wore on bed just to see a look,

I kissed the shoes just like I used to kiss her feet when she was Alive

O mom you are not here but I can still Feel your soul alive inside my body,

I Love you so much more than the Pain of living without you,

And I will Always take care of your last pair of shoes.

Thanks to Allah Almighty for Giving me such a wonderful Mother

who is still here with me,

Whether In actual she is not.

Miss you Mother , Love you .

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