Poem: The Shadow is Mine by Sweetnida

...The Shadow is Mine…

I've been waiting to breathe again in an open place 
A mid of evening with a little breeze 
I can see what I want I can made by my sight
It was unusual, never happened before but it’s cool
My thoughts are beyond any happiness 
Blue the sky with sun full of shine
Green the grass with mud brown 
On my footprints trees are over whelmed  
Flowers are dancing with birds
M I feeling a new touch is it spark or complete shinning pearl if so then why m guessing is it hidden yet
But I can smell the fragrance is being around 
Its night now I’m still finding I need to finally live it
An open surface of my pain and birds are picking like their food particles 
They want me to live peacefully but how is it possible to live when once you die’
A day again but there is nothing can take me far from my pain
The new touch is clicking why it don’t finally hit me
I guess maybe my dreams but it’s more than my values
I guess maybe my wishes but they regret to be with me
I guess maybe my shine but I realize I fainted once
I guess maybe my passions but I wasn’t having priorities 
Then I guess my living but it was waste my all guesses are waste of time
After a long at night again 
I saw it is black but pure 
I saw it’s black but twinkling in night
Black but cool in my breathing
Black but bright in my heart
Black but glimpse in my life
Black but faithful in my promises
Black is a touch of mine
Black is a silent color of my life
I found it’s black because it’s has to be it is a shadow and 
The Shadow is mine 

Poem The Shadow is Mine by Sweetnida. by sweetnida

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~As I am finding Myself and writing in search of.... A year of freedom from a cage and now I m free for my whole life My name is Sweet Nida and I m writing My Experience, my Experiments, my Love, My Pain, my Sadness and I will write as my life is moving........!!!