Poem: The Day was Dark Enough

Poem “The Day was Dark Enough”

The day was rising the sun was shining enough

It was lighten up to brighten up my heart enough which was actually dark enough

The sparrows were humming enough birds were flying enough asking me to do the same but I was sealed enough wasn't able to smile enough

The fishes were diving enough and my soul was dying enough

My thoughts were crying enough wasn't able to write enough

My heart was blank enough like the color black is dark enough

My eyes were exhaling the tears enough because I was inhaling the pain enough

The garden was filled with flowers enough but the branches of my charms were hard enough

The day I cried enough because emotionally I was crashing enough

The day was cruel enough which takes my mum far enough

The Day was Dark Enough

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~As I am finding Myself and writing in search of.... A year of freedom from a cage and now I m free for my whole life My name is Sweet Nida and I m writing My Experience, my Experiments, my Love, My Pain, my Sadness and I will write as my life is moving........!!!