Far from Reality Quote

Fake people and their love is like volcano 
which is inside the ice coated mountain
 but when an opening of earth crust 
the molten lava ejected and burns the whole place

Poem : The Day was dark enough

Poem “The Day was Dark Enough”

The day was rising the sun was shining enough

It was lighten up to brighten up my heart enough which was actually dark enough

The sparrows were humming enough birds were flying enough asking me to do the same but I was sealed enough wasn't able to smile enough

The fishes were diving enough and my soul was dying enough

My thoughts were crying enough wasn't able to write enough

My heart was blank enough like the color black is dark enough

My eyes were exhaling the tears enough because I was inhaling the pain enough

The garden was filled with flowers enough but the branches of my charms were hard enough

The day I cried enough because emotionally I was crashing enough

The day was cruel enough which takes my mum far enough

The Day was Dark Enough

Hurtful Quote

 I was living a peaceful life with a leaf.
 I saw a rose I walked to get it in that scene the leaf left from me. When the rose came near to me
 I was about to hold it suddenly the thorn pricked me 
it’s started bleeding and made me restless

Near to Nature Quote

Once a tree said you are just like me.
 I asked how?
 It said as in sunshine I would die if
 I die didn’t get water and 
you would die if 
in loneliness your soul didn't fly

Self Observing Quote

A tear in my thoughts makes me thirsty

Wishful Quote

To being loved is fortunaty 

which is blessed to

 rare one’s

Positively Think Quote

Our fantasy is glorious 
we never demand negative

Living with Nature Quote

Once a bird said your expressions makes me feel that you are flying how's is it possible without wings ?
I said when I want to fly I come in the air close my eyes, the freshness I found it's makes you feel that I'm flying

Love for the Rose Quote

 Once a rose asked me why you love me is my fragrance which invites you towards me? 
I said no your beauty and fragrance is gifted you by nature you are still soft that’s why
 I love you

Blog : Snow Touch is living in Me

Blog : The snow touch is living in me

The day when I was living without knowing that one day i will face the hardest phase of my life
It wasn’t caught by my six sense because I had sealed my other senses
I planned to went to city of snow coated mountains
I was happy that time without having a fear of losing that happiness 
I saw the fog on trees with snow fall 
The mountains were like saying to me that we gone live in your thoughts  
I was like ok I find u beautiful u can live in my thoughts
The thunder is much enough to cure any injury of soul
The days passed I came back as life was moving I lost my love
I cried a lot as much as I stop crying while awaken but when I sleep my soul cries a lot
As days were curing my hole but it’s being bigger then big 
One night a mesmerizing voice falls on my ears it takes me to that touch of snow coated mountains
O wow that feel was amazing it brings me wings I fly over there my complete night
I touch the snow the thunder bring me peace as much my soul was burning I enjoyed a lot the unreal was most beautiful then the real 
Its reminds me what that snow coated mountains said to me 
Now daily I go over there
Because the snow touch is living in me  
As much as I’m living in this real world

Story : Love in them for Sure

Love in them for Sure

Once there was a girl
her passions for her like the normal being's breath

Her Demands were associated with her struggles

She lived like a fairy full of life

Sometimes she was innocent sometimes charm full

Sometimes she was loving sometimes she wanted to be alone

Sometimes she use did flying sometimes she did diving

Sometimes she loved to be in snow fall

She was happy with her loved one

One day she got ditch from her lover

which cut her wings

She cried a lot

Along this bad phase she was having a friend

He who answered without asking

He who gave without demanding

When he saw she is crying he gave her his shoulder

When he saw she Is alone in night he gave her his hug

When he saw a way is hurting her he holds her hand and changed her way

He knows that only thunder can relief her pain he take her along and showed how deeply he is in love with her

He came along with wings to let her fly again

He made an ocean of love to let her be in there

He bring her a complete universe where she can live only

She started living with a new touch of life

She forgot her stress and walk with winds

He was hesitating asking her to be mine

But he didn’t know that the girl was already falling in love with him

Their relation was True, pure and trust able

Their bonding was much strong

He proposed her and she accepted

They were having each emotion in their relation

That's why Love in them for Sure

They decided to get marry and will live happily ever after

About Me (Nida)

~As I am finding Myself and writing in search of.... A year of freedom from a cage and now I m free for my whole life My name is Sweet Nida and I m writing My Experience, my Experiments, my Love, My Pain, my Sadness and I will write as my life is moving........!!!