RT: Game of Blames by Sweetnida

Started from Me! I Asked for “Forever”
Then A Fear of Might Met Troubles
In The Future, I Choose to Step Back
But this Act of Mine Ruined My Present
My Fault and Now The other Heart might have Convert
Into Door of Stone For Me, No Matter
How Much I'm Knocking
I'm only Getting Injuries.
I'm Accepting My Flaws
Before Time Could have Make Ours Ways
I asked for Space Which I was Not Ready For'
And I Guess I Never Will!
When Firstly Fish Thought to
Make An Empire in the Ocean
Then why have to Think Whether
The Empire is Of Diamond, Gold Or Sand
Ocean Never Needs The Fishes
You Are the Ocean
I'm That Fish Who Might have Lost You
I Might Eaten by the World I Might End up in Silence
I Hope you’ll Answer My Voice and Let Me In Again.
And If I have Become The Past then I'm setting You Free
In The Hands of Time' In which You came from Nowhere
But Now I know You are everywhere Except Along Me.
There Where is The Wind Taking You
'Go Along'
I Gave You in the Hands of Time
I might Expected Much 'Which You Weren’t Capable Of'
Wasn't Promises It Was Forever I wanted To Create
You will Be Somewhere” on My Mind Till I am!
I'm Hurt Because You Decided so Quickly
While Having My Hundreds of Thoughts
You Were Crystal Clear I will Blame both of Us
To Me for Thinking Recklessly,
To you ' In A Blink Of Eye' You Set Me Free.
Where Actually I'm Imprisoned In The Cage of Your Purity
Coming To The Ocean'
It No Need The Fish
Fish Better Choose to Live IN
Or End up Without !!!
Mistakes are the Part of Life
When You Are Perfect
You Became UN Affordable
Being Somewhere Alone Does Make You Look Elegant
But The Suffering You Go Through is Been Hidden Inside of You
I Know This because I might wanted to be Alone in My Worlds
because I always been Through The Fear of Left Behind
Broken so I Didn’t Allowed Anyone in My Worlds
I Like Creating Like From My Fantasy
I have Created world of Sky
World of Ocean
World of Hope
But I have Always Been There Alone
What I learned through this
That You Desire To Be Alone Just To not Get Hurt
But You have been Hurt from Long Gone
that you cant bear more Emotional pressures
Someone Breathing next to You
and with The Passage of Time You Feel that Your Breathing
is Now been A burden Near of it
One Person is Never Enough For the Other
Open Your Heart Open Your Mind
Personally Firstly I don't know What I want
Trouble Starts From Here
and I guess what I want is haven’t Created Yet
Leaving My Mistakes Apart From Me
Stepping Ahead with All I have Got
And As Long As I have Me
I Don't Want to Punish Myself For Not Having You
I'm not Asking Myself “Why”
someone once Said to Me that
Why is the Root of Fight
I believe it's True
When You Start Questioning Everything Start Getting Complicated
Just Leave It
No one is Dead Till Transformation
Being Talkative Is Good but What to Talk
That is Thinkable
The World Around Me People Near
I Adore all of You but
 I will only Love Myself for My Own Good

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~As I am finding Myself and writing in search of.... A year of freedom from a cage and now I m free for my whole life My name is Sweet Nida and I m writing My Experience, my Experiments, my Love, My Pain, my Sadness and I will write as my life is moving........!!!