My Soul Brother IBEE

Plans I had were totally passionate, Smiles by my Side and I thought this time'
My struggles and hard work is only acquainted to happiness and then I met the Time
Another tragedy which was enough to fall me apart
My Inspirations Is always been emotions, where my Intuitions connects and by the help of Imaginations which is almost kind of Living and
Witnessing the Possibilities which My Real can never have
A soul named Person whom I never met in person never have seen him Live in front
But how come He came in my life and 
Admired Me for my work
He even himself named his firm alike to my firmed name
But before he asked me if
 I have any issue with the copy rights
And I said to him if you do that I will be extremely happy that I have got the alike thoughts
and I'm not alone in the facts of creating scenarios 
that’s how we started

That firm of mine had a very strong 
Impact on Me and he knew that
Then a time came we both lost ours Firms which was much bad shock to Me, despite the fact that his Firm was doing more good then mine He asked Me
how are you Nida? OR If I can handle the loss I said to him this loss is gonna kill me
I cried a lot and said to him I have no hope I do not know if Anyone in this world can help me out
He without thinking just on his first words said I will do it
He started working on it and I only believed him then one day I woke up and got the authorization on my firm I was in the skies of happiness I asked him if he has gotten his firm back or not he said
Nida Sister I have got which was important and for me my sister's firm was much more important for me then my own that's how we became so much respectable and named our relation as
Siblings by Souls
He shared his sorrows with me and I helped him go through with my words he never asked me to meet or See me all we were connected was with Words and Emotions
Then his birthday came I started thinking how I can fully thank him from my side then without noticing the facts of the society I live in .
I Wished him on my private you-tube channel wrote some heartily feelings and mentioned his name and wished him openly without caring what questions would come in my way or how I'm gonna handle our respectful relation in the eyes of world because it was not by blood it was chosen by me but I luckily never faced such bad critics .. time was passing by I became an author and he became a doctor when we first met we didn’t know our destinations but by being together we supported each other and his support was bigger then mine I can never thank him fully for his goodness life got busy but we always got time to check on each other on one point someone knocked in my life and said don’t you feel bore being around your brother/Friend
I said right on these words you have lost all of your respect in my sight don’t you dare to talk to me
This conversation made me upset and I had a word on it with my soul brother
he said what I really didn’t like about it why you have become so aggressive when we know that how pure our relation and we can never explains its purity to the strangers and I'm glad that I have a pure soul sister like you and this is enough for me and you never have to be answerable to others regarding our respectful relation I adore him for such kindness
Time fly-ed I went to my favorite Hill station and by the day on coming back I promised to not to complain whatever happens with my life in my hometown
So how was it possible I never had thought of such cruelty from life where nothing else I can do but to Accept the loss and cry with Suffocation
My Soul Brother


A post came up to me in form of his dead body picture I totally shocked' Total trauma
I was before smiling and was thanking my life for being so nice and I thought I may really not have to complain about life then this news been enough to crash me down
 I cried and cried
I prayed it may come out a false news on when next time I will check on the facts might confirm that this a false news HE IS ALIVE
My situation was getting worse nothing was holding me I started suffocating got headache on its peak eyes swollen dizziness started and all I wanted to hear is that he is alive couldn’t hold on my condition barely closed my eyes tears were not stopping even in close eyes

Then ….
I went into My Fantasy World where till now no one has reached I have always been alone in there with nature no one along ever I saw a White Garden I was wearing black gown I was walking into Garden and then 
I saw a Swing in front of Me
I Seated on that swing was totally not in mood
 to go with the flaws
Then suddenly I saw someone was walking close to Me
He was shinning like Pearl He was wearing white Dress 
He came close and opened his Arms
And I stood up ran to him and hugged him
HE was none other then MY SOUL BROTHER
We hugged for hours until My Pain of Separation ended
I thought he might say few words but he looked into my Eyes and up-front his hand towards me I uphold my hand he handed me over A thing and closed my hand he turned and went into Sky
I realized that He is Gone and there is no coming back
I open up my hand and saw it was a KEY
A key of Reincarnation
Everything became so much clear he left from My Real world and Transformed into the world of Souls
I can never get enough of his kindness as
He gave me his key of his house to me before himself going into his place first
It calmed My Inner and now I know
 where I gonna find him when
My time will come to transform in the Real world of Souls

I opened my eyes send 
My Heartily Prayers to his Precious Soul
May Allah Bless Him with Highest Ranks in Heaven Ameen
And bless us with Endurance to go through His Absence for the Rest of our Lives
You Will always be Missed and loved My only Soul Brother

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