RT: Set Your Soul Free by Sweetnida

The Intimating process of Soul with My Own is Rare,
Many never even heard of' 
And some never had missed a single word.
Soul knows no language except feeling emotions.
 I from the start was an Anglophilia
Which made me Logophile and I uncovered as being Astrophile in Imaginary world the whole Fascinated Galaxies and after penning I re-read and surprisingly see myself and Alike me the others realizes me the fact that a one can never b Unique in the Crowd of Billions
And I can never steal the world of words
There is a learning process of life never has A ending 
We can't count the Experiences by doing mistakes again and again just like loving the Gender of my opposite taught me harshly and giving off my self into the hands of Cold Nature gave me peace and A feel of purity of emotions by which'
 I Inhale and Exhale frequently. 
Getting close to negativity sometimes save you from getting drown into the sea of sharks and while quoting myself here
“Being in love is like being in the Ocean where shark seems a well wisher” - author Sweetnida.
Giving life the chances again and again is a big mistake some circumstances are been written to repeat no matter you met 'Richest' or 'Poorest' or 'Humblest' you end-up on accompany your shadow only but what you can never give up on is a Hope like the idea of not going to my favourite hill station current winters made me upset but what makes me cool down is I've been there many times may be I'll be going there twice a year the other time
As being a paramour some days my life purpose is only to be in mountains I'm also a phuviophile
like many others but what is procrastinating me that I should not pen the reason behind or I may loose me again and then there will be no other option to remain alive the idea of ending up against nature's will is not my plan yet
 I'm in wait for Glorious moments to confront me and make me realize that the theory of 
#love_life_by_Sweetnida is not wrong!
I'm not fearful or scared as being a Heliophilous it covers my whole passion of being a cold nature lover
I'm like a liar or how is it possible to loving the opposite Creatures of uUniverse
Loving the Snow which ends by Sunlight and same feels for Giggling rays then again A bank of Clouds covers the Heat makes me Hydrophilous being fonder of all these encourages me that ending up on any relation was never been my fault And by this Positivity for My own is Good
Complaining others can't get you what you desire it only prolongs the ugly chapter of your life 
which do not have any worth.
Then at once I see myself dressed up with crystals.
Wearing silver heels stepping in the Air reached onto high Mountain where I'm standing and its getting higher and higher Fog and Clouds are circulating and the Mountain became a Hill'
 Showed me my all desires so down then all of a sudden
 I sat two bowls in-front of me
One bowl having white light and the other one
 having colourful lights.
While seeing a Pen came into my Hands
It was An Ink pen and I had to fill it. 
I opened it uphold on colourful bowl 
Then putted into white and after Filling it. 
I started writing watery eyes desires everything for the rest but knows its time to do Compromises
 While writing Breeze came and asked me to take those written pages from me I gave it to breeze on trust all pages flew away from Dark into Light from Heights into Depths, into my Heart like a floating leaf on water which is so easy to understand because just like when Its my Lord's will it is so easily acceptable for Me to live with or without 
My desires are what I have given with I do not wish unnatural I wish which is coming to Me. 
And now A smooth smile and relaxing Breath 
When some one insults you. 
You are never answer able because you know the value you paid for no one can judge that 
From now to on I need no time to share my Emotional State Because I'm gonna create distances
 I'm gonna stay close who I have given with,
With the legal ones with those My Lord had written My Life
Spiritualism is Pure worldly desires are other things which are no more my Priorities
I made a mistake as I bound my soul with this world 
She is made to be Free
Freedom She only Desire
She can Hope She can Dream She can Wish
In fact She can meet The One's'
Whom My Real have Lost.
I was bound and I was never complete but when I found Her I stopped complaining
when I do not know my start how can I plan my End
From now to On
Set your Soul Free

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~As I am finding Myself and writing in search of.... A year of freedom from a cage and now I m free for my whole life My name is Sweet Nida and I m writing My Experience, my Experiments, my Love, My Pain, my Sadness and I will write as my life is moving........!!!