RT: Final Goodbye by Sweetnida

Good byes can never be last I thought
In life we meet a lot of beings some characters inspires and sometimes personalities gave a strong
Impact which we never forget even after so many years on not knowing them any more.
There is always a time when we spend our moments with special one's
All the Awaken time we think only about them and after that, A time comes up we spend years without saying A “Hi”  , I guess whoever we met is for a reason nothing is for waste, Trusting. Observing what all life is about , don’t stop trusting But do observe who you are actually been with.
Trust is not a word it's a believe which we get from our
 Inner-self and when someone ruins it,
It does hurts but let not this pain end us.
Pain comes pain goes what stays is “Us” .
So we should be working on us' on our real life where even breathing is a great blessing or we are so dead so life try to say goodbye to pain and to that person as we didn't had a good bye we just went away of opposite directions
I'm sad but I can recover and smile again and I will.
So what is Important for me is to maintain the Author in Me
She says: ”World is a place to live At not In”
Lets find out my way of saying goodbye whether it's last or not but I believe it will help me out
Being humble I learned through Life
Anger spoils our reputation and being respectful is all Everyone desire for.
I knew that I gonna have to make some serious decisions for myself because I knew my nature
It doesn't cares if the decisions ruining my emotional state all it cares that my real should not be effected maybe that’s why I obey myself cause Dignity needed the most in the real world
sometimes I feel so Stronger enough to climb a high Rock and sometimes I feel Scary enough to Inhale a second breathe My feelings changes rapidly
Being you being me there is no Difference what makes us Differentiable
That is respect how you give and take
I'm still not strong enough to face it but I have too
Love is flame which burns the Soul and in our couple I had the Soul
Living without you was my decision after taking that decision I never ever made a try to check on you what is making me scared is a feeling of living without you forever
I will never know that you are Alive or Dead
Because I'm never gonna check on you
You are the reason behind the world calls me Stony hearted
Enjoying resting is a part of life but fragrance of love I miss on each moment I know it's not made for me 
No matter how much I want you
 I did not wished you in my prayers from my Lord
He would've give me your company but having you was not My wish any more
My wish was to live in pain
I made a decision and that was a Goodbye
I murdered you in myself
I was wearing black gown no one was with me your Funeral was my responsibility to Perform
I plucked a rose from the ground I was standing in. I was holding the rose and was looking at you spiritually
My tear fell on rose
 which converted the rose into black sword
I then with Sword cut my chest my own blood was on my hands I had to made the deep cut to never be found again it was making me screaming out loud then finally I cut off a core of my heart after that I uphold your Imaginary dead body, buried you inside my heart suddenly heavy breeze started blowing'
 Fastly it stitched my heart with cold.
 My wound Froze in Seconds
Let's say the Final Goodbye and Smile because 
Sweetnida having A long way to Go On

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~As I am finding Myself and writing in search of.... A year of freedom from a cage and now I m free for my whole life My name is Sweet Nida and I m writing My Experience, my Experiments, my Love, My Pain, my Sadness and I will write as my life is moving........!!!