Being an Author

Today I had a Great Reward as being an Author ..
Entering into the Pool place 
I always wave my hand and my swim Trainer wave back too,
 that was our routine of saying Hi
 My swim trainer didn't know about me she always thought that I might do some kind of job as by my personality, today finally
 She asked me I said no then she said I like your personality so much and I thought you might a job kind of person by the way what  do you do actually I said I'm an Author she was so much shocked after hearing me she asked again 
You are an author? I said yes she said a writer kind of author I said yeah she was so glad to know about me then she asked me do you have any published books I said yeah I have she said tomorrow I'll be waiting impatiently for one Copy 
and Tomorrow I wont wave my hand but I will Salute you 
I was like on the Sky 
Sometimes we really don't know how to handle Praises I was Keep on saying Thank you and she was kept on Saying "Excellent" 
Sharing with you guys because you all are my Strength
"An Author' Strength is always the Readers"  
May Allah Bless us All 
Love you All  

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~As I am finding Myself and writing in search of.... A year of freedom from a cage and now I m free for my whole life My name is Sweet Nida and I m writing My Experience, my Experiments, my Love, My Pain, my Sadness and I will write as my life is moving........!!!