Poem: I Might not Be, by Sweetnida

I might not be So beautiful 
but I m doing so hard So then
I would be a shine for your eye

I might not be able to clear myself for you 
But I will never cheat you

I might not be so helpful 
But I will never let you face your problems alone

I might not be so good in sense of humor 
But will never make you sad

I might not be a great cook 
But will never stop trying to cook best for you

I might not be so wishful 
But will always wish the same to have u

I might not be that lucky to have u 
But the present with u will remain the only good memory

I might not be so generous 
But without u I will be a criminal for myself

I might not be the one whom you will love forever 
But I won't ever made myself able to be loved by anyone else

I might not be your companion 
But you will live in my heart for ever

I might not be your last wish 
But I believe you want me for the rest of your life

What ever life is up-to
I made a prayer
And you are my only payer

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About Me (Nida)

~As I am finding Myself and writing in search of.... A year of freedom from a cage and now I m free for my whole life My name is Sweet Nida and I m writing My Experience, my Experiments, my Love, My Pain, my Sadness and I will write as my life is moving........!!!